Anniversary Made Simple

Our 1 year anniversary in The Great Smoky Mountains!!! We sort of stumbled upon this place because we weren’t sure what we were looking for but knew we wanted an easy romantic trip.  What’s easier than a 4 hour drive? My favorite part about road trips are you can pack as much as you want and in any form no restrictions if it fits it can go.  So now that the traveling was going to be easy where to stay and what to do.  Initially I was looking for nice hotels but for the price and what they offered you got a way better deal renting a cabin.  So after some research and reviews I decided to rent through outrageous cabins.  They had good reviews and there website was very modern easy to use.  Some of the other rental companies have outdated websites that look like your local pizzeria menu :-/. Picking a cabin wasn’t too bad, all the cabins are adverstised as luxury cabins with great amenities.  We picked our cabin based on the views.  Our Cabin was called Tennessee Treasure and we absoulutely loved it.  



So our 1 year wedding anniversary was quickly approaching and we had no idea where or what we wanted to do.  We have gone on some pretty exotic trips within the last year so we felt pressure on what location to choose for our anniversary.  But then we realized you don't need a big fancy trip to have a romantic anniversary.  Here are some of the reason why we chose the Smoky Mountains:

  • Easy trip - A 4 hour drive is much easier for us than rushing to the airport, dealing with airport security, and waiting around until our flight takes off. Also you have more control of the actual trip. You can stop when you want, use a full size bathroom at rest stop or restaurant, get snacks of your choice and listen to your music as loud as you want. 
  • Packing - With road trips I tend to overpack just because I can. If it fits in the car I'm bringing it.  We were able to bring our Ludi board with us which was a big bonus.  You also dont have to worry about luggage weight, or TSA regulations on liquids. So I was very happy to bring toiletries in their original containers and to bring all types of hair tools that I ended up not using but the point is I didnt have to choose what to pack I can bring whatever I want. 
  • Accommodations - When searching for a place to stay we found that it was much cheaper to stay at a luxury cabin than a luxury hotel.  With the cabin we got a hot tub, great views, much more space, and the option to have a private chef prepare a dinner for you on site. 
  • Affordable - we found our trip to the Smoky Mountains to be everything we were looking for but significantly less than traveling to a more common anniversary location like the Caribbean for example. 

With our trip to the Smoky Mountains we found that sometimes less is more.  

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— Claire C.
The Ordinary Couple