Clarity Chat (30-Minute Video Call)

Clarity Chat (30-Minute Video Call)


If you're looking for some direction, inspiration or clarity on a specific topic, have a chat with us. The topics can be anything from TRAVEL, FINANCIAL or LIFE. We will provide in-depth advice on the best ways to tackle struggles, start your business, or just getting your finances in order!

How it works:

  • Once you're booked, an email will be sent with a form to fill out on the topic(s) you want to discuss.
  • Within 48 hours of the video call, a descriptive agenda to effectively tackle your focus areas of the upcoming call will be emailed to you for preview.
  • After the call, a follow up email will be sent summarizing key topics that were discussed and all advice we have to clarify any issues covered during our chat

*Please be advised that the focus of this call is about YOU and not about US, we always do our best to focus on handling all of YOUR concerns*

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