Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What were your professions before leaving your 9-5?

A: We were both accountants. Nicole was a Tax Accountant. Michael was a Director of Finance.

Q: What is the goal of The Ordinary Couple?

A: Our goal is to spread the money knowledge we gained on our journey and make people REALLY understand that once they gain control over their money, they can really live the life they desire.


Q: How did you guys save $100K in just over a year?

A: We made some drastic sacrifices, we turned in our new car to the dealership, we moved back home with our parents and lived off a very minimal amount of our salary.

We are releasing a HOW TO SAVE $100K IN A YEAR MANUAL very soon. It will include all the details on how we did it; ways to make extra income, how to survive off of a small portion of our salary, how much we made at the time. We are sharing all of our secrets!


Q: What do you guys do now?

A: We offer personal finance advice & guidance to others. We help manage our clients' money, create budgets, help them better understand their finance to reach their money goals  - right now its just been Family & Friends but we will be offering our services to the public VERY SOON!


Q: Where are you guys from?

A: We are from New York! We actually went to Middle & High School together.


Q: Where in the world is the ordinary couple right now?

A: We are currently in Ecuador.