Don't Just call Mr. Budget When the Money Is low!

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You ever notice how fast you start to budget when your money gets low. This is when you become a super accountant and suddenly track every single cent! After your calculations, you realized that $12.88 worth of gas will last you until pay day. On the opposite side of the spectrum, when we do get paid or we do come across a decent amount of money, we somehow lose all those accountant powers and the budget goes right out of the window.

The idea that a budget is for only when your money is tight couldn’t be further from the truth. A budget is necessary whether you make $30K or $30M. Yes of course, with more money you have a bigger cushion. But it is just as easy to go broke with a $30M income as it is with a $30K income. This is why there are countless stories of Professional Athletes going broke.

When we have more money, we tend to believe that we don’t need to track it.

Budgeting is the essential factor to having control over your money. By budgeting we don’t mean once a month looking at a credit card statement trying to remember what charges are what. It is revisiting your budget daily and staying on top of every dollar. 

The reality of it is that budgeting is boring. VERY BORING! But it is far better than looking back on your money and wondering where it went. THAT HURTS!